Smart Dust Technology CSE Seminar Report

Introduction to Smart Dust Technology CSE Seminar Topic:

This existing device called as the Smart dust is a small size device which has more featured benefits too. It fusions the sensor technology, computer technique, wireless communication technology, current supply and many more mechanics foe the development of proper system which also balance the cost and make it cheaply available in markets. Smart dust is generally made small in size so that it can be carried anywhere in the environment same like the other dust particles. The size of the fully developed Smart dust device is 5mm only. They are also called as the motes as the name suggest motes means small in size. This makes the use of micro sensors which supports the electro mechanism.

The applications of the Smart dust are protection to the environment and atmosphere, monitoring the habits of the device, applications related to defense, inside or outside management of the environment. Security issues by uses the track method, health managements, power consumption, new discovery of location and its awareness, company automotive systems, systematic maintenance of the device, maintaining the traffic and solving it.

Communication technologies related to this Smart Dust have two sub technologies mainly the Radio Frequency Transmission and Optical Transmission technologies. Optical transmission technology has three more sub types like passive laser based communication, active laser based communication, fiber optic communications. All this technologies has some of the other advantages and some limitations too.

Now the developers are already working on the developments of the Smart Dust devices to make it updated which can have more advantages in the next version of the device. It is also available at very less cost in shops. In some days all will be seen making the use of the Smart Dust. This device will be very helpful in related to the communication purpose. Due to available in low cost people can buy it at its perfectly matches their budgets and other issues.

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