Smart Cards PPT and Seminar Report

Introduction to Smart Card Technical Seminar Topic:

Smart card is a small computer embedded on a plastic card having a chip which stores and processes data. It is same in size of plastic credit cards. It contains basic information of the bearer. It is basically provided by schools organization to their students and employees. Smart cards are ISO 7816 standard.

Smart card components:-

  1. Carrier: – The basic material of which the card body is made. PVC(Poly vinyl chloride)(all rounder), ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)(Brittle but withstands higher temperatures) and PETP (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate)(High flexibility) are the few materials used in making the carrier. The carrier should have following features :

a.)    It should be resistant to mechanical failures.

b.)    It should be able to withstand with high temperature.

c.)    It should be pocket friendly.

  1. Processor or CPU:- processors are 8 bit with CISC architecture with clock speed of 5MHz. Following are the reasons for using the above described processors:-

a.)    Card companies want proven modules

b.)    Lower power consumption

c.)    Area limitations.

  1. Memory: – Memory is used to store data or the information of smart card bearer. It can be ROM, RAM, PROM, and EEPROM.  The size may vary according to the requirements and the purpose for which the card is being used.
  2. Input/output interface: – It controls flow of data to and from the card. The flow occurs one bit at a time in a half duplex manner. The typical data flow rate is 9600 bits/ sec.

Smart cards can be used as prepaid telephone cards, mobile telephone, financial cards, health cards, transport cards, for access control, in school and colleges to access and avail various facilities, in organizations for attendance of employees.

The main advantages of using smart cards are that the chip is tamper resistant therefore the data stored on the chip is safe. The information on the card can be pin protected or read write protected therefore no one can change the information and sharing of information is also restricted. Data encryption can be performed for exchanging data more securely. Information can itself be processed using smart cards. Updating of information and application can be easily made.

The disadvantages of using smart cards are security, not all smart cards are secure. The second problem is who hold the responsibility for the card, suppose if the money in account is wiped out because of memory failure or any problem in smart card, who will be held responsible the owner or the bank. 

Download Smart Cards PPT and Seminar Report.

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