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When multiple antenna are combined with single processing to optimize its radiation and reception then they are smart antenna. But in real antenna they are not smart there systems are smart. They have digital signal processing capability to transmit and receive information. They are of two types: switched beam and adaptive array.

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Switched beam antennas: they have fixed beam in particular direction. These antennas detect one signal from many, and then switch from one to another as mobile device moves. They combine the beams to form finely directional beams with more selectively.

Adaptive array antennas:  they are advanced antennas as they use new signal algorithms. They have feature of identifying and tracking or interfering signals also.

They are used to make better signal quality for radio transmission and increase frequency reuse. They are capable of increase signal quality and produce less interference which will definitely increase the power efficiency. There architecture is divided into two parts up link processing ad downlink processing. It means in first phase listening to the cell and second phase speaking to the user.  ANSI-136 adaptive antennas algorithms are have been deployed.

Smart Antenna Advantages and Disadvantages:

– It improves wireless systems performance and enables operators of cellular companies to increase their signal quality, increase the capacity and they can cover large area for transmission

-They provide more power by increasing higher desired signal.

– Less probability of interference by phased arrays, and the beam pattern is adjusted by the adaptive arrays.

Smart Antenna  Applications:

-they are used wireless system by using phase’s array technique,

-cellular systemsfor wide angular spread, and

-TDMA systems

Conclusion: they are not purely radio transmission; they have diversity effect at the transmitter and receiver or both

Download Smart Antenna PPT Free Download .

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