Simulation of OFDM and Bandwidth efficient Wireless OFDM NIT CSE Mini Project Report

Introduction to Simulation of OFDM and Bandwidth efficient Wireless OFDM Project:

These timeless present days demand mobile wireless communications with high-speed. This project of simulation of OFDM and bandwidth efficient wireless OFDM technology achieves requirements of spectral efficiency and high data capacity for wireless communication network systems for near future.

OFDM can be abbreviated as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing system. In this paper we investigate various methods to maximize the spectral efficiency of OFDM.In USA and Europe all are using current standards of IEEE 802.11a (USA) and Hyper LAN/2 (Europe) for OFDM in their PHY layer. To get rid of from inter block interference and inter channel interference, wireless OFDM need to occupy a bandwidth which is wider than the Nyquistrate and need to use insufficient statistics in the symbol demodulation. Thus computational efficiency in demodulation is gained by conventional OFDM by using DFT Discrete Fourier Transform by the usage of cost of low efficiency bandwidth and degrade in symbol error performance.

Since the applications of digital media are developing the demand to the broad band communication system products is increasing. As we are dealing with consumer products we should implements these technical requirements for related products in cheap.This project OFDM deals with the OFDM receiver structures evaluation and development.

This OFDM technology has the advantages of reduction inter symbol interference and increase in the symbol duration as in this the entire channel is divided into many sub narrow channels which can be used in parallel transmission.This technique is effective for high-bit-rate transmission and combating multipath fading over mobile wireless channels. By using the discrete Fourier Transform and inverse by using the discrete Fourier Transform we can implement OFDM technology in both analog (time-domain) and digital forms (frequency-domain) this provides more efficient and effective implementation. This OFDM technology gives the advantages of spectral efficiency, reducing ICI and combating ISI.

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