Detailed Description of the Shopping Cart Project

The following are the major components, Home, Place order / Cancel order, User details, Shopping cart, and Display confirmation.


This module providing the information about the shop. It gives following details:

  1. Welcome screen
  2. Offers
  3. 3.     Login

Place order/ Cancel:

              This module prompts the user to enter in to place order / cancellation of shop or else exit from the environment through mobile devices.

User Details:     

              This module prompts the user to give his various information for the product selection through mobile devices. It requires the following:

               1. Name

               2. Address

               3. Mobile Number

               4. Credit Card Number

Shopping Cart:

              This module provides the information about various categories of products and displays their corresponding price. It also includes the various fields like Quantity of a product. 

Display Confirmation: 

               This module gives the confirmation about the product selection / Cancellation.

Place Order: 

             This process is an easy process to order a product. When specifying the product, the display provides the information about the price for that

Corresponding product. Finally the money is deduced from your credit card.

Cancel Order:

             This process is an easy process to cancel a product. Finally the money is backed up to your credit card.