Shift Management System Project in Asp.Net

Shift Management System Project in Asp.Net is web based application which is specially developed for companies for managing employees daily shift details and updating total number of shifts and calculate monthly salaries, attendance of each employee and provide a online report for every employee.

Shift Management System

User Requirements

  1. Setting/Editing Shifts for Employees Working in Different Projects

and Shift Time.

  1. Employee can View his/her Shifts and Allowances.
  2. Provision of employee backup in case an employee not turning up.
  3. A “Help file” pertaining to different possible queries.
  4. The system runs on any platform.
  5. Employee can view his/her schedule in calendar form.
  6. Automatic Allowances generation.


  • Managing shifts (setting/editing) for different employees.
  • Maintaining information about entities like – the project the employee is working on, his/her leader worked in different shifts.
  • Calculation of shift-related allowances for the employees.
  • Audit trails (containing the history of transactions)
  • User authentication.
  • Different interfaces corresponding to different user-levels.
  • Report generation, printing, publishing and mailing as per requirement that can be exported to excel sheet
  • Provision of employee backup in case an employee not turning up. – To be implemented with user intervention
  • Sending mails to team members whenever there is new schedule or change in schedule.

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