Share Management System VB.Net Project

Abstract: Shares are issued when it is incorporated, or whenever it needs to raise more capital for new ventures expansions. The approval of the registrar of companies (ROC) and the securities and exchange board of India (SEBI) is a necessity.


A computerized share management system would be able to handle the following functions.


  • Maintain shareholders details and the share kept by them
  • Keep track of share transfer
  • Generate divided warrants
  • Provide information on shareholdings to the company management
  • Generate statuary reports



Share Management System is an application which manages the shares of a company. Every organization tries to build up their resources and increase their business.For increasing the business they need lots of funds.Raising the funds are of so many types among which issuing of shares is one of the methods.After issuing the shares a private sector converts to a public sector.When an organization becomes a public sector the responsibility and accountability also increases.


The Existing System is not a computerized system.In this method and dependency of human and paper work is lot.As it is depending on the human beings the processing of each and every transaction takes more time.Even though the computers are implemented the data is not centralized.Which leads to lot of difficulties.AllĀ  the transactions made by officials and customers needed to be recorded in their individual systems.And the security and privacy of data is always an issue.In order to have a secured database and centralized server the system is to be changed.

Entity Diagram for Customer

A Proposed share management system is for removing all the disadvantages and difficulties raised by the Existing System.The proposed system is to create a complete application on the basis of client-server architecture.
The system is to provide a website for the shareholder through which the shareholders are get informed in every bid of the share.The facilities needed to be provided for the share holders are :

1.Online Applying for Shares

2.Online Share transfer Facilities

3.Daily Purchase and sales reports

Apart of creating a website for shareholder the system is to provide easy a management system for official and management where management can check out applications for the shares and allot the shares for individual customers.Where the system takes care of auto-generation of folio number and allotment of shares done properly.

For the officials the system is supporting with issuing of shares generating certificates and maintainingĀ  the certificates details.

Share Management System


Share management system refers to keeping track of the ownership of the shares of a company. A share represents part of a company. The shares department of this company maintains a share register to record details of each shareholder, including the number of shares he owns and the share certificates he holds.


The Share Management System consists of three modules.

1.Share Holder



Share Holder

A person who applies for the shares will become as a share holder to that company.Each share holder is identified by a unique folio number .With this number only he/she can do all his/her transactions


Management is nothing but the company who issues shares into the market based on their assets and in-order to increase their investment.Management will decide how many shares has to allot to a particular person and dividends also decided by the management.


These are the middle mans between the share holders and the management.These people are meant for the data entry purpose and for doing the share transactions.And also he/she will give information to the share holders regarding their share information.

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