Server Tech/Safe Internet Project Report

Introduction to Server Tech/Safe Internet Project:

Server tech safe internet project is implemented in java platform. Main aim of this project is to develop a web server which works on java platform. Using these web server users can create dynamic web applications with personal user experiences. This application works on sever side for improving performance web applications.

In present trend usage of internet and websites has increased in every filed from banking, automobile, communication and entertainment. ¬†Internet usage had moved from general surfing to online transactions where lot of money transactions is carried out from e-commerce, banking…etc sites. As the users is increasing quality of client server requesting mechanism need to develop with new methods. In present trend most of the systems work on middle ware applications which provide high reliability, scalability, fast database accessing, pooling, caching.

Main purpose for developing this proxy server is to provide a tool for dynamic creation and serving of web content which can support database, SNMP supported tools. This application consists of many inbuilt components which are useful in different range of applications.

In existing system for accessing information each system should connect to internet where each terminal should be connected with modem which is easy for large organizations but in this case it is not possible to look at each terminal data and type of virus and hackers connecting to that terminal. In order to overcome this problem we develop proxy server which will not directly connect to web address directly it will take data from cache. Proxy server acts as a firewall, it will look after its cache before downloading any data from internet and provide solution for security and restricting virus.

Students can download entire project report with class diagram, DFD diagrams, data flow diagrams, paper presentations from this site.

Download Server tech safe internet project documentation from this link.

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