Sequence Diagram of Dynamic Routing with Stegnography Final Year Project

Sequence Diagram:

Sequence diagram is the major model that represents the data sequential flow among various states by maintaining the time. In my Final Year Project I considered the process are sender, routing data, routers available in network, dynamic routing process including the stegnography and receiver.

Sequence Diagram of Dynamic

Explanation of the Final Year Project:

In this diagram we mainly deal with the sequence of process that are occurred with the time considerations. Time order of Dynamic Routing with Stegnography project flows will represents with the vertical line that are showed below:

  • Sender send the data into network by maintain the information about the nodes in the network.
  • Then data packets are randomly transmit through the different paths that is possible through routers updated information
  • Every node maintains the best route information to their neighbor nodes according to that it will make utilize the dynamic routing methodology.
  • In this routing, routing information dynamically changed and updated to all the nodes and routers in the network periodically.
  • In this step, stegnography will apply to obtain the security on the data packets which maintains the security levels with high.
  • Then data is transmitted in network by using the dynamic routing methodology.
  • At the end receiver will receive the message and cluster all the data packets that are come from the different routes and form original data. 
This Paper is written & submitted by Chandu.

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