Seminar Topics on Computer Human Interface

The Computer Human Interface is used for the decision-making provides in a manufactured and simple way the necessary elements to the decision maker. So a CHI model contains every user’s perception.

The CHI allows users to use computers even if they are not specialists. It also allows reducing the time of training of these users. It also allocates to have a different CHI for each category of users.

This organization is Divided into 2 Important categories:-

  1. User agents: The organization of agents allows each user to personalize the CHI directly and intercommunication with intelligent agents.
  2. Interfacing agents: They administer the different elements of the incorporate in order to answer the circumstances needs of the application. They are not exactly in connection with the user.              


The CHI Model presents the design of an intelligent and modifying on the agent paradigm. This Requires a Larger decision support system An intelligent agent seems to be more accommodated because they allow taking into account the complicated interaction present in the CHI.

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