Seminar Topic with Report on CDMA, GSM and 3G Technologies

Introduction to Seminar Topic on CDMA, GSM and 3G Technologies:

The paper is about technologies CDMA, GSM and 3G.  An in detail explanation was given regarding the differences between CDMA and GSM and also clear definition of 3G. Another issue was also discussed regarding the services being enjoyed by manufacturers with primary paths of CDMA2000 AND WCDMA to 3G.

Before the evolution of 3G, there were two types of commercial mobile communications such as Analog Cellular and Digital Cellular. The Analog Cellular is being called as “1G” now was previously known as AMPS in the America. The Digital Cellular which is being called as “2G” presently with all standards like 2G, GSM/GPRS.

The implementation of this systems are complex, and can be divided into three components which includes handsets which are radio-equipped, also the cell sites of handsets for transmitting to/from and also includes the fabric of communications. For making the systems to work the companies have given a set of standards that allow makers to operate such that the users can use the phones.  The standards are given by the vendor community and these are analysed by various parts of the system. 

The definition of 3G includes, a combination of various devices, providing various services and also applications that various consumers are responsible for buying the new phones, and trying the new services and also willing to making payment for the services over a period of time.

The operators are using both the technologies of GSM and CDMA2000 for providing services. The vendors of CDMA complain that the voice-only phones should be in the same price or lower when compared to that of GSM phones. This is not regarding to CDMA-GSM conflict but it is about delivering services at reasonable prices and also providing efficient services for both the customers and operators.

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