Seminar Topic on Zigbee

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Zigbee:

It is also the form of wireless network developed to overcome the limitation of the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth. It is a digital connection used to connect computers and the other related devices. They are very low cost and they have better power management means reliability and efficiency of the network increases. They are specially designed for sensors and for controlling wireless networks. They can be constructed anywhere at home or office. They even have capability to interact with wires to control lights, fans and doors etc.

They generally focus on the network of IEEE 802.15.4. They have only nodes for that TX/Rx or sleep. They work 2.4GHz with dual modes of 868MHz. they have sixteen channels from 11-26. They use very less power so their battery works for months or sometimes a year.  They have maximum speed of 250 kbps.

In general we have three types of devices like Zigbee PAN is used to store the information;full function is used to handle the topologies used and reduced function is used for contacting network administrator for any problem or request. They work network topologies like mesh network, cluster network and star network. They are assembled in the form of layers like Physical layers, Media access layer.

Security: as they work on IEEE 802.15.4 MAC which is specially designed for security. They maintain the records of secure devices or trusted devices which will log in the network. They also use the technique of data encryption so that it cannot be changed by someone during transmission.

Zigbee are mostly used in the embedded application that has low rates of data and less power consumer. They are used in the applications like transportation systems, home automation, militaries, climate control etc.

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