Introduction to Seminar Topic on Virtualization:

It means that providing abstraction to system operation. Insystem only one operating system can be installed on only one hardware.  Server is composed of many hardware but it can have only one operating system to particular hardware. To overcome this problem we do virtualization of the hardware. After virtualization many hardware can be installed on the same hardware. This removes the dependency of operating system from the hardware.

How it works: first we have the system architecture and then we place the virtualization layer above the hardware of the system. After the virtualization layer we installed operating system. Now this operating system is independent from the hardware and data base or server. Now other applications are installed on the operating system. Sometimes we also called it Para virtualization.

Many hosing industries also use virtualization at the operating system level other that Para virtualization. This method allows many user to create instances. It shows that only one kernel of specific OS is installed on the server that allows to create containers. We use this method in open VZ engine and Xen engine uses Para virtualization.

Xen uses only one OS for controlling the hardware and mostly they use UNIX. They are edited so that they can give the maximum performance for the hardware.  Example: NetBSD, OpenBSD etc. they are used on the proprietary systems.

Open VZ is the open source virtualization that uses IA64 processors. They are built on the Linux.  They also have single OS based hardware but they run multiple application at the same time and all are isolated from each other. They are used in mass management process. They are single kernel based model. They have the capability to support 64CPUs and have memory up to 64 GB of RAM.

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