Seminar Topic on Routing Protocols

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Routing Protocols:

Today the technology is increasing day by day this results in the vast increment of communication through the networks for this we require routing. For doing routing we require packet switch method over a large distance. For doing distance routing it follows some algorithms that are Fulkerson algorithm, Dual FSM algorithm and bellman ford algorithm.

A always inform its topologies to keep changing periodically. Distance vector means to manipulate the network protocols from one node to another. Routers do not have the knowledge of the entire path so they follow two methods they are destination distance and packet to be forwarded in direction. There are some example of distance vector routing they are IGRP, EGP, RIPv1 RIPv2 and BGP.

Methods: – To calculate the path distance between two points the router use a distance vector method which is different between different routing protocols in a network but have same algorithms. The two methods for calculating path of routers from start point to destination point is distance calculation between two points and direction of the routers in which they will move.

The cost which is required by routers to reach to the destination is calculated by various matrices method. Hope count of the destination is taken in account by RIP and IGRP uses node delay and available bandwidth to calculate the distance of the destination.

This routing node protocols are updated periodically to inform the neighbors of the node about the configuration that the distance vector protocol is using and the process is called as rumors by routing because they receive information from the other router and cannot justify that it is true or not. For this they use many features. The RIP routing uses cross platform distance vector routing whereas IGRP uses Cisco system distance vector routing. 

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