Seminar Topic On Nano Robotics With Seminar Report

Introduction to Nano Robotics Seminar Topic:

Nano electromechanical system (NEMS) has a revolutionary impact on science and technology because it is extremely fast and small. A Scanning probe microscope as robot is developed using nanometer scale. The research takes as to combine the knowledge of macro robotics and computer science with the chemistry and physics at nanoscale.

Application:-In medical Nan robotics are used as drug delivery for cancer, biomedical instrumentation, surgery, monitoring of diabetics and heath care. Nan robotics is also called a molecular robot. It can replace the damaged cells inside the body by replacing deficiencies in the DNA. To detect a problem we many methods some of them are ultrasonic waves, in it we use ultrasound to detect the disease in the body. Second is NMR\MRI, in this technique we use powerful magnets to cure the disease.

Control the device: – we can control a device by using many types of sensors some of them are chemical sensor which is used to detect chemical trace in the blood. Second is Spectroscopic, it take small sample of the damaged tissue and this can be done by using strong laser. We can also use TV camera in there device for transmitting picture outside the body but for it we need a high complexity of sensors.

Means of treatment: – For treatment we can follow many ways like physical removal, physical traumas, and heat. In heat treatment heat is used to destroy cancerous tumors. Another is microwave treatment in microwave radiation are used to treat cancer. Ultrasonic sound can be used to treat cancer and the power from the bloodstream technique can be used to the treatment.

Conclusion:-In future all disease can be cured by nanomadicne. It will be very beneficial for the human society. Finally no nanorobot is actually built only a design is proposed on paper but in coming times surely it will going to develop.

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