Seminar Topic on Mobile Computing

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Mobile Computing:

Hand phone is the most familiar aspect of mobile computing technology. Now we have to technology so fast that we can also send messages and voice data from our phone. It contain global positioning system (GPS) which is used in search and rescue missions, for monitoring and preservation of wildlife, and for vehicle theft prevention. It is generally defined as the use of a wireless network infrastructure to provide anytime, anywhere communications and access to information.

Evolution of wireless network: –1st generations networks are based on the analog systems and it was based on frequency division multiple access. The second generation (2G) systems were digital system. It provides new service such as caller ID. 2.5G systems support more than just voice communications and data transfer. 3G networks are very fast and as they support high bit rate for transmission.

Types of mobile computing: – There are many types of mobile computing in this world they are Wearable computer which is worn on the body. Personal digital assistant is of another type in which provide service like e-mail, Internet and e-book reader capabilities.Smart phone offers advanced features like capabilities, often with PC-like functionality. Carputer is another category of mobile computer that is designed to be installed in automobiles.Ultra-Mobile PC is a small form factor and specification for tablet PCs.

Technical and other limitations of mobile computing: – It has insufficient bandwidth therefore its connection to the internet is slow. Power consumption they rely entirely on battery power. Potential health wizard more car accidents are related to drivers who were talking through a mobile device. In this types of devices keyboards and screens are small so it’s little difficult to operate. Transmission interference Reception in tunnels, some buildings, and rural areas is often poor.

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