Seminar Topic on Hyper Threading with Seminar Report

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Hyper Threading:

It allows processors to work more efficiently. It is the new technology from Intel. It allows the processor to execute several instructions together. It provides two logical processors in a single processor package. This technology offers improved performance of system. It also gives improved reaction and response time.  It also increases the number transaction. It allows us to create multiple threads in the systems.

Utilization of Processor Resources: -It provides a second logical processor in a single package for higher system performance. The Intel Net Burstmicro architecture provides optimal performance when executing a single instruction stream.

Multi-threaded Applications: -To gain access to increased processing power, programmers design multiprocessor (MP) environments.We can execute multiple threads in the processor and they all work in parallel, for that uses out-of-order instruction scheduling to keep as many of its execution units as possible busy during each clock cycle.The Xeon processor is the first to implement Simultaneous Multi-Threading. In LINUX the Hyper-Threaded processor has two virtual processors is treated as a pair of real physical processors. Linux has very nice capability to performance of hardware.

implementing hyper-threading: -It doesn’t add too much complexity to the hardware.Xeon processor build by Intel has the capability to implement multi threads together. We can divide the processor resources into the three resources like first for sharing, second for doing partition and last for replicating.

What it can do: – Today most software are based on the multi-threading, so it can’t work on single processor so we need multi-processor so they can work in parallel ad perform the operation the operation simultaneously. This in turn reduces the work load on the processors and gives the better performance.

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