Introduction to Seminar Topic on Google Search Engine:

In earlier times we used to refer books for every doubts and queries that arise in our mind, it was time consuming as we had to go to a library or book shop to get our hands on those books and then we would have to see through the pages for our desired content. The situation remained the same until a thing called ‘search engine’ came up the horizon.

Google Inc. was the pioneer of the search engine revolution so much so that even internet is referred as Google sometimes. Google search has become so much popular that we rely on Google for almost everything now ranging from searching articles, finding locations, buying goods and many more. With the comfort of searching anything and everything we often forget there is lot of techniques going behind these search engines. 

Data center or DC involves power supplies backup, housing computer systems, telecommunication systems, storage mechanisms, redundant supplies and data communication connections, security devices, environmental controls such as AC, fire control etc. A computer program which is coded in such a way that the user would be able to surf the internet is called web crawler, it is also commonly known as data crawler. Its behavior is dependent on policy combinations such as selection, re visit, politeness and parallelization. 

The data is browsed in a web crawler in: 

  • Methodical manner
  • Automated manner
  • Orderly fashion 

The factor that makes Google one of the most preferred and swift search engine is its strong distributed network and fantastic optimization techniques. The query submitted by the user is analyzed and checked for different combinations which in turn are processed parallel swiftly. The three distinct parts of the Google which helps in this cause are GoogleBot web crawler, data index sorter and a processor which process the user queries.

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