Seminar Topic on Cyber Crime with Seminar Report

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Cyber Crime:

Today as the technology is increasing more companies are connecting to the internet for doing E-business and E-commerce. This company is electronic transaction. For this security is main problem. Security is very important on internet because internet has important role. By implementing security we can minimize the threat. Today the whole world is depended on computer for doing anything such as traffic, train, etc. the regular use of internet increases the opportunity of crime.

Cyber crime is defined as the any illegal unethical or unauthorized behavior involves automatic process or transmission of data. These types of threats can be classified in two types that is passive and active threat. In passive threat the assembler obtain the information that s being transmitted and active threat do the modification of the data.

Types of crime:- there are many types of crime they are Fraud by computer manipulation in which online transaction is cheated by computer. Other is computer forgery in which data is manipulated and stores as computer document. Criminal’s ca also damages the data of the computer but using virus and worms. They can do unauthorized entry to the data of the computer.

Precautions:– to avoid this type of crime we have to take some precautions like Firewalls activation which act as a gatekeeper of the computer, password protection, encryption and audit trails

Hacking techniques:- There are various type of hacking technique which can be used by criminals to hack the computer. They can use callback units, decoy in one of the best hacking tool, intercept, trapdoors which is embedded from a special instruction another type is call forwarding in this call is forwarded to wrong person by using some kid of tool. Another type is rapid fire in which the command of the operating system is manipulated.

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