Seminar Topic on Cryptography Techniques over Block Cipher

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Cryptography Techniques over Block Cipher:

This paper discussed about the research takes place on text description an on block cipher description. This paper also discussed about the cryptography technique as best and secured model over block cipher. 


Existing encryption techniques has many security issues like managing of encryption keys throughout the life cycle and protection from unauthorized disclosure, modifications.  Encryption and decryptions enables by the sequence of symbols used with a cryptographic algorithm. Critical radio transmissions are protected with proper encryption methods and encryption keys are stored securely during the entire life cycle.  The cryptosystem consists of hardware and software which provides means to encrypt and decrypt transmissions In order to enhance the security during encryption process, a flexible cryptography mechanism helps to analyze and compare different algorithms. 

Cryptography mechanism over block cipher by managing the keys sequentially, which classified into 3 ways like encryption-secret-key, description-secret-key and shared-secret-key.  These keys help to communicate and share sensitive or important information. Among public safety agencies with interoperable functions, the importance of key management processes cannot be overstated.  This models target to provide security by removing the keys faults to make encryption implementations effective. There should be required key controls and awareness on encryption key management. 

Advantages of using cryptography model over block cipher: 

  1. High security can be obtained during encryption and decryption process of the text contents.
  2.  Managing the encryption keys is so simple.
  3. In encryption process, it is easy to remove faults and other relevant errors. 


There are many security issues with the existing encryption techniques and this paper focus on those issues for providing effective cryptography technique over the block cipher.  Most of the security issues occurred when a user maintains the same keys for years, easy keys or leaving keys unattended. These issues can be resolved by using the model which uses independently existing encrypting key as an external tool by managing keys sequentially.

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