Seminar Topic On Comparison Of Osi And Tcp

Introduction to Comparison Of Osi And Tcp :

Comparison Of Osi And Tcp seminar topic explains the differences and similarities of OSI and TCP. This topic also explains the OSI model and its networking framework for implementing protocols in seven layers.

They share a common application layer.- Both of the models share a common application layer. However in practice this layer includes different services depending upon each model.TCP is mainly used because it has lesser layers.

Both models have comparable transport and network layers.- This can be illustrated by the fact that whatever functions are performed between the presentation and network layer of the OSI model similar functions are performed at the Transport layer of the TCP/IP model.

This topic explains each and every layer in Open System Interconnection  starting from the application layer in one station and preceeding to the bottom layer.

For more information on the topic you can download it from the below given link.

Download Seminar Topic On Comparison Of Osi And Tcp  related information from this link.

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