Seminar Topic and Report on Smart Dust

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Smart Dust:

It is very small device that have very enormous features. It basically combines the more than one technology with the best feature and at the extremely low price. They are basically the size of dust. They can have the size of the 5mm. A research company like DARPA been working on such device. It is very small but too functional. It has the capability of micro electrical mechanical system. It comprises of semi-conductor diode. Few sensors, optical receiver, small circuitry, signal processor, CCR (cube retro reflector).

CCR consist of three 3 mirrors that are connected perpendicular to each other. They reflect the light at certain angle to the source. As it is very small so it is very difficult to construct such device. As this device consist of radio communication so it very difficult to construct such thing.

They use generally two type of transmission technique:

Radio transmission technique: it detects the electromagnetic waves, and can also generate and propagate the radio signals.  They use different multiplexing techniques. If we use RF technique then we must keep few things in mind like the height of the tower, multiplexing techniques like TDMA, FDMA and CDMA.

Optical transmission technique: in this technique they use for laser for bi-directional connection or they can also use fiber optics cable. But if you use fiber optic technique then it has some limitations like mobility of the smart dust.

Applications: they are used to identify the environment and for pollution control. Used by the military to alert the soldier from any biological defect. They can be also used for monitoring the indoor or outdoor and also can be used for security purpose. It is also used in the medical department for checking up internal problems

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