Seminar Topic and Report on Service Oriented Architecture

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Service Oriented Architecture:

This is the service that is used to link the business with computing technology so at to provide the better facility to the user. Such as filling forms, online account forms, booking tickets etc. for that we need advanced application program by which user communicate the business personals and acquire their requirements. They require a data base management system of meta-type. They can perform autonomous manipulations.

They use web servers to provide interface to the user for accessing information. They set security and availability of any service and set price as decided by the broker.  Most of the broker use ebXML (electronic business extensible markup language) for their web service standard.This helps their business and solves the problem of going to the user personally to each other. They also help them to reduce their investment and protect them from them uncertain market conditions.

They provide standalone functionality and provide defines interface. They generally use few principles to implement their service like abstraction, autonomy, formal contact, reusability and statelessness. They separate projects from larger projects for following reasons:

–         They provide better service that can be successfully delivered from one place to another.

–         This provides the mixing of the services and don’t know who the users are.

–         They don’t include documents in their larger projects.

They constitute of an application that can generate millions of messages to perform any task, it usually depend on the design. It also faces the problem of testing because they require sophisticated tools and even they can’t test all the headline services. It also face the problem of security as it component might be used by another applications. SW-I has the designed the tools for ensuring the test of the web services.

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