Seminar Topic and Report on Diamond Chip

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Diamond Chip:

Silicon is the most common material used in all electronic devices but it has many disadvantages. To overcome these advantage carbon chips are used which are also called as diamond chips can be used which has higher performance than a silicon chip. Diamond chip are the electronic components which are designed using carbon as a wafer or by using diamond structural carbon wafer.  In this paper we will see how diamond chips are manufactured and the advantages of using diamond chips than silicon chips.

Manufacturing of diamond chips:

We use doping process for the pure diamond structural carbon to make it conducting material.  By using crystalline diamond film we can produce a restiveness semiconductor chips than that of silicon. To make the boundaries aligned we grow a diamond film on the iridium which as a disorderly microscopic crystals.

In certain areas carbon nano tubes are used which are allot ropes of carbon crystals which have a carbon nano structure  The carbon nano tubes are available in two types one is single walled and the other is multi walled form. Carbon chips have higher strengths and posses kinetic energy.

Advantages of using diamond chips:

A diamond chip is more restiveness than a silicon chip. The diamond chips can with stand a temperature of 500c whereas normal silicon cannot withstand.  The diamond chips have high thermal conductivity and can withstand high electrical fields.  Diamond chips have fast processing speeds and they can operate up to 200V. the diamond chips operate at 81ghz frequency which is twice that of the available silicon chip frequency.

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