Seminar Report on Wireless Underwater Communications

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Wireless Underwater Communications :

In today’s generation wireless technology is becoming common among us. It is used in the every part of the world and everywhere whether is it land or hill or water. As we all know that our earth consists of 70 % of water. We have to develop such wireless network that can also work under water. For that we have developed new wireless network that work on electromagnetic waves instead of radio waves.

Electromagnetic waves are very fast than radio waves and they can travel long distance inside water. Electromagnetic waves works better in water. We use special acoustic modem for creating such network, they are based on two different modulation: frequency shift is used for detecting non coherent and phase shift is used for detecting coherent. They all are based on the autonomous network. They connect by creating network topology.

There are many base stations build inside the water that are interconnected to each other with help of radio links.

Applications: These networks are used by petrol grid that is built in the sea. They are also used by fish catcher; they connect their ship with this network for regular update related to weather. Submarine works purely on the connection of these networks. Defense like navy also used this network for protecting country border. Theses network are used for weather fore casting, pollution control, guarding sea animals, research related to the sea animals, finding new species etc.

But they have few disadvantages also: they have limited battery power, and we cannot charge battery. We cannot solar power also. Bandwidth provided is limited and cannot be extended.  Sometimes error generate is difficult to handle, they have high rate of error and we also face the problem of multipath links.

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