Seminar Report on Wearable Computers

Introduction ot Wearable Computers Seminar Topic:

Cellonics Technology Modems

All communications such as LAN, WAN, wired Internet, wireless internet, telecommunications work using modems. Modem is basically a device which modulates and demodulates carrier signal with digital information. The speed of data transfer depends on the speed of modem capacity. Hence there is a need to develop high speed modems to cater for present days technologies where millions of terra bytes of data will be transferred every second. Cellonics is the technology which will solve our problems.

Cellonics technology modems are based on biological cell communication system which is 1000 times faster than traditional modems. This technology is simple, robust and user friendly.

As this technology is based on human cell behavior it is studied that human cells generates a waveform in response to actions these wave forms are serial pulses separated by periodic silence. Cellonics technology duplicates the same process and applies to communications.

Working of Cellonics: – this element takes slow analog signal as input and in gives predictable, fast pulse as output thereby encoding digital information and transferring it over communication channels. In building Cellonics Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (NDS) employs mathematical formulations which are needed to simulate the cell responses. Being nonlinear system the performance exceeds the normal limits and simultaneously simplifies implementation process. Cellonics technology is mostly used in service industry of telecommunications.

There are many advantages in using Cellonics in communication systems. It saves chip/PCB real estate there by simplifies receiver implementation by 4 times. Savings on power by 3 times because of using few components that are passive and consumes less power. Savings on implementation time is possible because of elimination of many sub components such as amplifier, mixer, PLL, oscillator, filter, crystal quartz, etc. in order to build your product which is small, powerful, long on power and low cost employing or using Cellonics technology is ideal.

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