Seminar Report on Virtual Reality

Introduction to Virtual Reality Seminar Topic:

We begin out topic by saying that “Reality is Relativity”. If we consider that a ball is stimulated using a computer but in reality for this to happen a combination of zero’s and one’s should work inside a computer. Similarly if a human brain imagines a beautiful girl in his mind then a bio-chemical reaction takes place in the brain. We can come to a conclusion that simulated events and simulating events exist together. Even if these two events coexist they may not be in the same form.

Super Transformation is linking of material world, human brain and simulation of computers when this happens then a virtual reality is created. This process can also be called as Lorentz transformation which sets one-to-one relation with the three worlds. We can also call this combination as super universe.

The virtual world is art work of the beings of that universe. Virtual life is the result of evolutionary changes in that universe. Virtual intelligence is combination of both virtual body and mind and when the two are superimposed it has the power to so super transformation.

In simulation we need to know about VR and 3D visualization. In order to have realistic simulation perception of depth is essential. There are various mechanisms through which we can perceive depth. They are Perspective, Light and shade, Parallax, Stereo-vision and Atmospherics.

Some of the applications are useful to schools for creating objects to show to children, simulated driving helps to learn driving in any terrain, in medical world to examine anything, military applications cannot be left aside.

Technology gets changing every day hence use the latest technology to one’s advantage for making life smooth. Many things can be achieved using virtual reality because some programs are near to real life. But nothing beat real life.

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