Introduction to peed Detection of Moving Vehicle Using Speed Cameras Seminar Topic:

Lets try to examine the title of our topic taken; here we find five main keywords

1 .speed

2 .detection


5.moving speed 

So why exactly is need to develop such a system is the next question that comes in our mind,it is because , since we see in our daily life as population increases we see that the number of vehicle has also increases .Due to increase the number of vehicle there has been a number of traffic problem that arises ,thus this was the reason to create a speed detection of vehicle. So how exactly is the speed being detected is the next question that comes in our mind? One of the best techniques is used sensor, as with sensor we would be able to detect the system. 

Now let focus on the method used to make such a system:

An image taken of traffic cannot be best possible solution Keeping the importance of time factor in time as it is crucial point of traffic when managing; we will decide this factor for our speed detection .Speed detection is done on the time lag between two images. Thus it means at interval of particular time multiple images are taken out as then using special algorithm the movement of machine is compared. 

What if we are unable to achieve the speed detection, just think of the number of accident that is going to happen .We may not know what the possible cause of that accident was? A simple eg of such an aerial view is seen in Google Map. This type of system is generally need to be implemented for traffic management in metro areas

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