Seminar Report on Securing AODV

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Securing AODV:

The existing device is a communication made by wireless mobile or moving computers in which the each single user collaborate by sending packets among themselves to permit the wireless communication range. It is also called as Infrastructure less connections of networks. Today many Ad Hoc networks have been developed. An example for this is the AODV, DSR, global routine protocol etc… But it also has some security problems held in it.

The features of Ad hoe networks are infrastructure less networks, each node functions as router, changing topology continuously, Multi-communication and P2P type of communications and connections. Security in Ad hoe has some license in it. They are Import and Export authorization. Import Authorization is functioned when a router changes are gained from the others, it decides that should it modify the local data or information. In other words it means that authorization is about the routing itself. Export authorizations functions only when it receives the request from the Route information. Export authorization has sub types called as source authentication and integrity.

Ad hoe networks allow both uncast and multicast routing. ADHOV has a cycle of information called as RREQ and RREP called as route request and route reply…  When a source takes a way to the target place it makes of forward the Route request…

Securing the AODV permits each and every ad hoe to gain the public key by taking it from other nodes which checks the organization distinguishing it by public key and identity of the public key. There are two mechanisms used to protect the AODV networks and they are hash chains and digital signatures. Hash chains are used for the interchange between security and performance and are used to estimate the hash functions. Digital signatures use the X node which can be established only by X which prevents attacks to it. These both are addressed with the ADOV information’s as the error or the delay messages.

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