Seminar Report on Routing In Mobile Ad-Hoc Network PDF

Introduction to Routing In Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Seminar Topic:

These networks are Temporary networks for certain temporary communication with groups.  These types of networks don’t have a specified infrastructure and can be created or destroyed whenever. There is no central base station involved.  But this network follows certain protocols for communication like Proactive, Reactive and Hybrid protocols. 

Mainly there are four routing protocols namely i) Distance vector protocol ii) Wireless routing protocol iii) Dynamic source routing protocol iv) Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) Protocol

The performance matrix used to compare these two protocol are i) Mean end-to-end delay ii) Packet delivery rate iii) Messaging overhead. Control parameters are i) Node density ii) Node Mobility iii) Traffic.  Fixed sized packets are generated by constant bit rate generator. Two experiments were conducted i) Node Mobility ii) Node Density.

From experiment 1(mobility test) for three different traffic loads at five different node mobility and three different node density number of control packets where observed.  From this we know that in the case of routing overhead DSR is not attacked to the most extent. Under perpetual node mobility the rate of increasing control packets from low traffic level to high traffic level for AODV is 34.2 times and for DSR is 4.59 times.  In terms of messaging overhead network scalability is not suitable for ADOV.

From experiment 2 for three different traffic loads at five different node mobility and three different node density percentage of delivery rate where observed.  In AODV there may be lost of packages since it does not maintain the sequence of paths between intermediate nodes.  In increasing traffic load package delivery rate is less vulnerable in AODV when compared to DSR.

Higher control packets were produced by AODV. DSR is not affected by node mobility and node density in terms of overhead. There may be lost of packets in ADOV and it is not suitable for scalability.

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