Introduction to Network Attached Storage seminar topic:

In present trend every organization is looking or cost cut off for maintain data along with reliability, scalability and offer good performance. As total number of internet users are increasing capacity required for storing data is also increasing so there is a need to optimize storage methods.

A  NAS device  acts like a server    which serves  as storage  .is designed by raid configuration  it contains a  peripheral hard disc  it  lays distinguishably which is  connected through a cable  or USB  and sometimes communicated wirelessly .

The capacity of this device approximately 4tb and so, times higher  this can be  attached or removed  whenever required  these have very high  space  for storing .it has some sophisticated  chips for special purpose and electron circuits the transport the data  and creates some protocols  for transporting purpose .it also internal buses   for this purposes which are  held in computer. It may act as a controller or motherboard are it may detached and used as adapter card.

In this seminar topic we cover detailed explanation on network attached storage device.

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