Seminar Report on Multimedia Messaging Service

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Multimedia Messaging Service:

Well known services the MMS called as the multimedia messaging service allows images, texts, audio files and video clips By SMS called as short message service. MMS need a WAP service and gives a chance to get a good compelling application. This application in short gives a chance to the user to get and gain a profit.

Multimedia messaging service is a service specially made for the mobile devices that contains WAP means an internet access capability and a 3GP. At last the multimedia messaging service is same as that of the short messaging service. But the multimedia messaging service gives a fast and quick delivery service to the users. It also allows the facility for the email sending and receiving. Multimedia messaging service is been worked by using a WAP protocols and the servers. So this service is called the almost independent service.

The development and the evolution of this service stars from the short message service called the SMS which allows only the text messaging, the next version came the EMS called the enhanced message service which allows only the illustrated message service and later the latest version came the MMS called the Multimedia messaging service which allows sending of images, audio etc… files too.

The technical feature of the Multimedia messaging service is the Architecture which works with the MMS server and the proxy relay. Secondly the message conversion which converts the restrict conversion of the messages. OTA configuration this OTA supports the MMS to get to their cell phones. Hardware and Software which is necessary for every application.

Regarding the conclusion part the users are told that they must create a multimedia messaging service like same as the Short messaging service. MMS has the limited and the fix tariff rates so it is easy to use for the users. 

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