Seminar Report on Mobility Modeling During Rush Hour

Introduction to Mobility Modeling During Rush Hour Seminar Topic:

User mobility is the most important concept in the network field. Increase in the mobility network systems has also made an increment in the message exchange between the systems. This topic shows the uses of GPRS in the real world and also the capabilities and the features and strength of the Mobility devices.  This concept adds two sub types of mobile supportive to it in the personal computer systems called as terminal mobility and personal mobility. Personal mobility is the network capability to know a user and its position and its final check out too. In terminal mobility it tracks the steps to make changes in the location if it not in used too. Here to make changes in the networks a channel named as SDCCH called as stand-alone dedicated control channel is used. GPRS system can also be in use here for basic networks.

Using GPRS in this model is of very important because it is mainly used for the basic networks. This is done by using MLST called as mobile label switched tree and which is fixed. For a single links on the GPRS networks mainly the GPRS basic networks are on the basis of frame relay or the IPs. GPRS core applications used currently are TP/x-25, SNDCP, LLC, PLC, Mac etc…

The modeling options contain two sub types which are end point level modeling and aggregate level modeling. Endpoint modeling uses the random and accuracy technologies for the modeling. Aggregate modeling uses existing models, fluid models, marking models, gravity models and simulization as its sub concepts.

 In this we can learn information and uses of mobile gadgets devices which can be in use for the model of most hour traffic and fixed or decided. Realistic devices also should successfully decrement the mobility in comparison to the traffic. So hence here the technology like the GPRS is in use these days and also in great demand today.

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