Seminar Report on MANET

Introduction to MANET Seminar Topic:

Introduction to MANET’s:

MANET are mobile ad hoc networks present in the mobile node which contain a self organizing system which can communicate with the end users without the need of base stations and access points.  This is a wireless communication network where the data gets transmitted to multiple receivers. In this paper we will discuss the working of mobile ad hoc networks and their performance strategies.

Working model of MANET’s:

Mobile ad hoc network work without use of base stations and access points, here they act as both host as well as routers for transfer of data packets. The transfer of data packets is done in a multi hop fashion. This kind wireless communication networks employ a multicasting technique where data can be transferred to multiple receivers at a time. As the data is transmitted simultaneously to multiple receivers the security problems arise due to data rushing attacks. We find different type of attacks like rushing attacks black hole attack and Sybil attack and neighbor attack. The rushing attacks occur due to quick duplicate suppression of packets. The packets get quickly forwarded and finding path or the incoming packets gets delayed. Due to rushing attacks the average succession rate of packets gets affected.


By using multiple ad hoc networks we can transmit data to multiple receivers at a time. As the transfer of data to multiple users is done simultaneously through multicasting the transmission costs gets reduced.  By controlling the rush attacks we can provide secure data transfer without the occurrence of duplicate packets.

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