Seminar Report on Location Base Services

This paper discusses about different uses of Location based services like GIS (geographical information services) which are been used in different situation for helping the man kind, such as in emergency cases or other. It is been noted that most of the government are up moving to develop the capability for automatically identify subscribers location by the cellular operators, this data can be forwarded to public safety answering point to help the people in case of emergency such as medical, safety and health services in case of emergency, such that the administrative people can trace the person and help him in case of emergency. These service can also be used in information services, such that mobile users can be provided will large number of localized information, land marks, restaurants, Weather forecasts, gas stations, repair shops, public transportation, ATM locations, theaters such that they are able to locate their current location and information related with those place.

This service can also be used in Navigationin most of the latest phone and other device are having this feature for navigating the user to correct place as requested by the user this feature is named as GPS Global positioning system. Most vehicles are using this technology for their navigation. This service can also be used in transaction and billing, cellular operator are using these feature to charge their customers while roaming from one place to other, and can also be used in e-commerce in wireless technology for payment of tickets at theaters and also in public transportation to make the checkout more faster and simple.

This technology can be also used in Asset tracking and in fleet management where location service can track up the location of the trucks, people can monitor them from the main system and able to control them from their administration office. This can also preventing their goods from theft. These can also be used in mobile office, entertainment and proximity services.

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