Seminar Report On Laser Induced Ignition of Gasoline Direct Injection Engines

In this paper Laser induced ignition of gasoline direct injection engines is presented, laser stands for light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation and characteristics is in unidirectional nature, monochromatic, without dropping the intensity up to the target. Here we discuss mainly the way the lasers are providing better solutions for ignitions, lasers tease days find enormous application in almost every field and they are the main source for the scientific advancements that are going to happen in future.

I order to achieve more potential in facing the real time problems in ignition methodologies we are introducing a new concept based on laser technology which gaining much in recent times. Apart from the expense of lasers their capability in attaining high reliability, accuracy nullifies its one only drawback. Gas lasers, Chemical lasers, Exciter lasers, Solid-state lasers, Semiconductor lasers, Dye lasers are the different lasers are mentioned in this paper along with their functional characteristics.

The conventional spark plug system is not flexible with slow frame propagation, fire hazardous in nature and frequent maintenance is to be done these drawbacks are nullified by our   Laser induced ignition system, facilitating accurate target location i.e. focal point,  with spark plug flexibility, less  effected from fires, neat and easily maintained with minimum energy requirement.

The combustion chamber experiment is carried out by us along with engine experiments in order to the find the ignition delay time, pressure gradients,  the results are experimentally validated showing that laser induced ignition system is far better than the ordinary conventional spark plug ignition. The margin of fuel consumption is drastically very low when compared to spark plug ignition and it’s about 20%. The smoothness in operation is consistent than spark plug ignition, these lasers can also operate within the fuel spray, and it has minimum percentage of hazardous atmospheric gas emissions.

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