Seminar Report on Human Area Networking Technology

The paper is about intra body communication. The concept of this type of communication is not new it was proposed in 90’s. In this paper we deal with technology HAN which turns the surface of human body to data transmission path, such that speed of around 10 mbps can be obtained between any points of the body.

Though this type of communication was introduced earlier but has some limitations on speed and also the range. I.e. the range was limited to some kilometres and max communication speed was around only 40bit/s.

 In the present system, all the above limitations was overcome by NTT located at abroad, using photonic electric field sensors has introduced human area networking technology by name REDTACTION. It is a new technology which safely turns the surface of human body to hi speed network transmission path. The communication can be possible with any surfaces of body as hands, arms, legs or toes. The RedTacton even works on clothes and even shoes. It makes use of electric field generated from surface of human body for networking data transmission.

For the communication to be possible NTT developed an electric-optic sensor for identifying electric field generated on surface of human body. This sensor has three features. I.e. it has capability of measuring electric fields from DUT without contacting it and provides an Ultra wide-band measurement and the main feature supported is it provides one-point contact measurement which is independent of ground.

This concept of one-point contact measurement is used in the human area networking technology called RedTacton. The future work can be applications for defining communications within, other than surface or outside of the body.

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