Seminar Report on Extreme Programming

Introduction to Extreme Programming Seminar Topic:

XP used in agile methodology it shares the values from the manifesto and goes simple set of practice.Where there are many other methodologies they will try to answer the question. XP it is simple and asks “what is the simplest set of practices .I could possibly need and what do I need to do to limit my needs to those practices?”

It is simple to work beyond a narrow set of project criteria.

What is XP?

XP is a discipline of software development based on values of simplicity,communication, feedback and courage.

XP works with the whole tram by bringing them together, But by simple practice.

XP trams use a simple form of planning and tracking to decide what to do next.

The core XP practices for the above are called whole team planning game,small release and Acceptance tests.

Core practice:

There are 12 core practices are there that design XP. Teams new to XP focus on developing skills.

The practices can be described as a cycle of activities.

The inner circle describes the tight cycle of program.

The outer loop describing the planning cycle that occurs between the customer and programmar.The middle loop shows practices that help the team communication and coordinate the delivers of quality software.


 All the team members sit together to do XP project.  This teamincludes the customer who provides the requirements, sets the priorities and stresses the projects.The team also includes testers to test the project and the projects also have some helper’s requirements and a coach is there to help the team and he will handle every are who works on the XP team.


Plan should be there before doing the task there are 2 points that need to be followed that are predict task that need to be completed on due date and get ready  to plan next step.

There are 2 key planning steps in XP they are

  1. Release planning
  2. Iteration planning

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