Seminar Report on ERP SAP

Introduction to Seminar Topic on ERP SAP:

ERP SAP is an integrated enterprise software planning application which targets the business software requirements including small scale to large scale industries and organizations in all sectors. ERP SAP is fully loaded software package which includes inventory reduction lead time reductions, business processes, customer service and profitability management which can enhance the business needs in the competitive world.

Brief on SAP:

SAP is system applications and products developed by IBM employees in the year 1970 and have undergone many changes in the coming years. It consists of ABAP in which all the upper layer applications are developed like business applications, sales and management and finance and human resources.

The basis is of kernel or middle layer which interfaces with the basic operating system and has system administration tools and handles batch jobs and cross module applications. The SAP follows a client server approach where the work load gets distributed across several cooperating computer programs. We find a SAP dispatcher which is a control program which manages the resources of the applications and it acts as a transaction monitor which sends the information to the work process and also receives them.

The SAP uses a message server service for processing the internal messages. A database interface is used which can support relational database systems of different vendors and the database interface converts the SQL requests into its own database requests.


The ERP SAP is the best application to meet the business needs and by using this we can easily manage the data of the customers. The SAP consists of HR module application which can manage the organizations human resource requirements like maintain payroll and accounts.

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