Seminar Report on Digital Smell Technology

Introduction to Seminar Topi on Digital Smell Technology:

Due to the advancement in the computer technology the need of virtual technology is increasing. The computer is able to sense the touch vision and sight, now we introduce digital smell which evaluates the gases. Iscent digital scent technology is new software by which we can send scent messages through web. By using this technology we can create and modify fragrances and send them through emails or we can post on the social networking sites. In this paper we will see how digital smell device is designed and the advantages of using digital smell.

Brief into the digital smell technology:

A smell synthesizer is a device which can generate gases by using a computer. In the market different types of smell synthesizers are available which are manufactured by dig scents company. Ismell is peripheral device which generates fragrances is connected to a computer by using a serial USB. It will be in the size of a speaker which uses cartridges to generate vapors.

Ismell consists of palette composed of 128 chemicals on a cartridge which emits the vapors through a fan. Scent stream is a driver program which is used to active the device on the computer. Scent spectrum is a chemical makeup of the odors which is a digital file used for broadcasting over the network. For designing of the fragrances ascent ware software is used which is a combination of both software and hardware.

Applications of digital smell:

The digital smell technology can be used for sending emails with fragrances. This can also be used in a advertisements of perfumes where the consumer can smell the fragrance when the add comes. This can also be used in designing scent based video games.

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