Seminar Report on D Programming language

Introduction to D Programming language Seminar topic:

It is a programming language used for making applications and to program systems. It is a high level language. In this programming language we don’t need to write any byte code like java. They are compiled by the compiler and even they don’t use the interpreter. Their language code is very easy and this language is used by those who want to complete their work fast.

They are declared just like C++. They object based programming and supports single inheritance. They don’t have multiple inheritances in them. But they have interfaces like java having common features and functionality. The most important aspect of any programming language is memory management. D use better technique to use the memory, it calls the free function as soon as object is destroyed that releases the memory which is not used. D has the capability to access the windows COM code.

D programming language is available in two versions 1.0 and 2.0.  V1.0 was first used in the 2007; it was stopped later as it has the problem of Back end compatibility. But with the release of v2.0 all the mistakes are solved.

D programming can be done in many environments in which user feel the best like Microsoft visual studio, Eclipse or in smultron. Xcode also work nice D language.

D language has three types of character like char, wchar and dchar and three types of string like UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32. D language is directly compiled in to the machine code, so provides better execution of the language. We can debug this language using any debugger like C or C++. Or windows also provide the facility to debug this language using Ddbg or using like WiinDBg. In this language we don’t have to put any header files everything work inside the module.

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