Seminar Report on Cyber Crime

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Cyber Crime:

It is the major crime that is taking place in most part of the world. This crime is done by sitting at home or anywhere. To commit such crime we just require computer and internet connection. This crime is done using computer which is harmful for others like hacking which is not ethical, stealing money bank accounts, downloading files which are not permitted and many people watch sites at cyber cafe which strictly prohibited. All these which are not allowed or we do forcibly is called Cyber crime.

Cyber crimes can be done in four ways like against anyone, or against property or organization or society.

Against anyone: it includes the phishing the personal page of any user to extract her password or usernames. Or sending spam mails or messaging illegals messages again and again.

Against property: it includes using piracy or against the rules of copyright. Means distributing things which have copyright, or using someone others systems without him permission is also the form of cyber crime  Some intelligent also have the capability of do transaction of money from one account to other. 

Against society: it as based in the forgery. It means extracting any original document from the internet and then making its duplicate with the help of high resolution printers and scanners. It also includes web jacking means taking the control of any web site in our hand.

Against organization: it means spreading virus over the internet. It will harm the entire computer who will click that link of virus. Virus has property make copy of it. The most dangerous from all of them is Trojan horse. It has the capability to use the computer against restriction and it may harm its data base if there.

Example: recently in India two organizations was hacked by Pakistanis. 

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