Seminar Report on Bluetooth

Introduction to  Bluetooth Seminar Topic:

Bluetooth is cable replacement technology. It is designed for wireless networking system. It will also enable wireless connection between computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. It was initially invented but Ericsson in 1994. In mobile phone Bluetooth provides the service for wireless data transfer, in it we can transfer both data and voice.

History: – the name Bluetooth is adopted because it unifies the telecommunication and computing industries. An electronics company developed a device which is used to connect cell phones, computer, monitor and keyboard without wires. Bluetooth has two sections one is Bluetooth specification and another is Bluetooth profile. Specification describes that how the technology works and the profile describes how the technology is used.

Testing and Qualification: – In this all the requirement of the program is defined step by step for the performance of Bluetooth. During the test all the devices must pass and must meet the all the requirement regarding radio link quality, lower layer protocols and information to end user. All devices that have passed the test are listed at SIG official website.

Technical features: – Bluetooth uses 2.4GHz frequency band to work. Its nominal range is 10 meters. It uses a combination of packet and circuit switch technologies. This device contains RF radio, base band controller and microprocessor in a circuit. The key feature of Bluetooth is that it allows to work different companies Bluetooth with one another.

This enables the feature to find any Bluetooth in a particular area. Profile describes the parameter range of each protocol. The profile part of Bluetooth is used to reduced the problem part of the Bluetooth. A profile of one Bluetooth is dependent on profile of another Bluetooth than the device support each other. Profile represents the solution for a usage model and forms the basis for the Bluetooth interchangeability and logo requirement.

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