Seminar Report on 3G Technology

Introduction to 3G Technology Seminar Topic:

This paper is about the emerging of 3G technology as a powerful wireless communication technology in current mobile industry and this paper also discussed about the features, applications, quality and limitation of 3G services.

3G applications and limitations:

The following are the applications which are enabled with the help of 3G services:

Audio:  Using 3G services, audio or video can be downloaded directly from dedicated server to the mobile.

Voice over Internet protocol:  As 3G services provides higher data rates, so with the help of this VoIP service is available on mobile phones at local call rates.

Still images: As like in IP based networks, data like images, photographs, static web pages can be send and receive over mobile networks.

Moving images: With the help of 3G services, there is a possibility of sending and receiving live moving images too.

Virtual Home Environment: Virtual Home Environment is a service which creates a feel to users as if they were at home by providing seamless access to their services from home, office or anywhere with the help of 3G services.

Electronic agents: Electronic agents are self contained programs which work as per user’s requirements. E-assistance,  E-secretaries,  E-advisors, E-administrators are few of the self contained programs providing by 3G to the users. 

The following are the limitations of 3G services.

3G services are available to users at high cost. 3G phones has shorter batter life than 2G mobile phones. Global roaming is difficult by using 3G services; this is due to lack of internationally uniform standards. Using 3G services, in order to have global roaming there is a need to use costlier handsets with multimode features. So not having uniform standards is one of the main disadvantages of 3G services.


3G has a capability to provide very high data rate in different radio environments and also can provide attractive multimedia services.  3G is popular wireless communication technology, which cannot be replaced by any technology in coming few more years.  In digital mobile phone networks communications, entertainment and information services are delivered to the users through wireless terminals with the help of 3G wireless services.

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