Seminar Report for Challenges In Mobile Ad hoc Network Seminar Topic

Introduction to Challenges In Mobile Ad hoc Network Seminar Topic:

There is a vast increase in mobile computing technology. Technology of hardware and software is grown and allows wireless networking. Infrastructure mode is those in which communication goes into base station whereas Infrastructure less mode is called mobile ad hoc network (MANET). It is a collection various node which connect to the internet dynamically. This is very important communication technology because it supports pervasive computing.

Related background: – The MANET technology act as a both mobile host and routers which connects dynamically to the internet without wires at anytime and anywhere by using pre-existing infrastructure network. In MANET there is various type of traffic types in which communication takes place between two nodes within one hop or beyond one hop. It has many features such as Autonomous node, distributed operation, multi hop routing and many more.

Challenges in MANETs: – The main challenge is to route the data packets from source machine to destination machine. Since there is no wire therefore each node is perform like a router. For energy conversation node may stop transmitting of data. In this bi-directional links is not possible. Its security level is low therefore it is vulnerable. In the demand base operation is done using node. It provides Intrusion detection, which is a set of actions that identifies the attempt that compromises the integrity, confidentiality or availability of resources. To know an intrusion attack we have to make a model and then we have to follow Intrusion detection system (IDS). The infrastructure of ad hoc network is not fixed therefore we cannot use any IDS technique on it.

Conclusion:-Ad hoc network is very essential technologies in now days. The two main challenges of ad hoc network is routing and intrusion detection. It can become popular if the challenges related to routing and intrusion detection are resolved.

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