Seminar Report and Documentation on Haptic technology

Introduction to Haptic technology Seminar Topic:

It is the technology provide virtual environment by the touch sensation or the mechanical motion of the user. These technologies are used in the remote control machines and devices. This system is the combinations of tactile information and kinesthetic information. Tactile information usually refers to the information collected from the sensors that are connected to the user skin. This technique is used by the physicians to locate the hidden information’s and to get the properties of the tissues.  Whereas kinesthetic information’s are information collected from the sensors that are connected at the joints.

These devices are broadly classified in to the following categories:

–         Virtual reality

–         Feedback devices( stationary devices, wearable device, locomotion interfaces)

–         Tactile display devices

–         Phantom

–         Cyber gloves

This device consists of two parts; human part and the machine part.  Human parts control the motion of the device with the sensors. And the machine part created pressure from the behind of the hand to stimulate the contact with virtual machine. It works in both the direction means it can send the information from the body and we can also receive the information from the virtual machine in the form of some sensation on the body.

This technology is used in the gaming world for creating real life games. This technology is also used my military for their applications. They use them in training and for safety purpose also.  They use theses simulators in the complicated military vehicles. For that soldiers are trained to use such vehicles with the help of simulators.

This is the advanced technology which enables us to feel the object without even touching them in real. But these devices are very rare and very costly for the use. this will be the great boon for the future applications.

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