Seminar Paper Presentations on Reliable Array of Independent Nodes

Introduction to Seminar Paper Presentations on Reliable Array of Independent Nodes:

This day’s Internet is been used at a very high scale by various people like students, teachers, businessman, developers etc… so it is told that the internet service has become the most important device of communication all over the world. But some of the user who accesses the internet for communication purpose is facing lot of connections issues and problems.

The solution to solve this connection problem is the RAIN called as the Reliable array of independent nodes which are launched by the company in the California. This RAIN helps in reducing the amount of total nodes by the networks which are connected to the networks.

The scope and the development stage of the RAIN is the development of the APIs from making the use of various blocks of the architecture, improvement of the storage and also the update of the file system in it, the communication networks and the connection protocols are incremented for the user to get better results feedback from the costumers.

The reliable array of the independent nodes has various applications that are supported to it like the audio, web servers etc… there are two parts of the protocol like the user sends and receives the tokens first and then secondly the user then sends and receives the pings together.

The main target of the RAIN project is to construct the proper maintenance for the storages and communications plan made in the environments. The materials, attributes and the components that are developed must be very easy to develop and also be easy to work on it by the user’s own choice. The detailed concept of the RAIN its advantages and limitations all is explained in this article concept.

The main advantages of the reliable array of independent nodes are unlimited scability, very high rated performances, and fixed reliability, normal and easy deployment and its maintenance, flexibility property of the software are the advantages related to the reliable array of independent nodes. 

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