Seminar Paper for Computer Science on Ethical Hacking

Introduction to Seminar Paper for Computer Science on Ethical Hacking:

Ethical hacking by hearing this word one question comes to every one’s mind is the word hacking. But ethical hacking is the safest and legal way to track the crimes doing crime and trace their actions that are going on. For learning the ethical hacking the easiest way is to start with the Windows Operating system.

Internet in today’s world has taken a long jump into the development stages. Each and every person now is educated about the access of the internet services. But for the people who see internet as the machine of destruction are the Hackers and the Cyber criminals.

Government, IT companies, Businessman are using internet this days but they are afraid because they are the most likely target of the Hackers. Hackers on the internet visit the commercial sites hacks their sites and they update it as they want for example changing the company logo with some bad photographs, thefts steal the credit card number of the user from the online shopping sites and then nulls the accounts in very less time.

To solve this problem ethical hacking is the best option. The ethical hackers are the legal hackers which are free from happening frauds and they help the user to solve their hacked account problems too. Many IBM clients are also in the ethical department who helps the customer. There are also various branches where ethical hacking is done to prevent the account to get illegally hacked from the criminal hackers.

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