Semantic Web PPT Presentation

Introduction to Semantic Web PPT Presentation:

We all are aware about WWW World Wide Web. We all need web for browsing, surfing, gaming and many more uses.


Web 1.0 had only provided features to users for browsing and reading information focus of web 1.0 was just to make user information available. After the release of web 2.0 it provided more facilities to user for storing information. Some more features provided by second release of web was to that users were able to communicate with each other with help of web pages, they were able to convert it to document, and user were able to spread the use of computer through network and it was not restricted to one machine only.


The word semantic means data on the web can be processed through user directly and indirectly. Semantic web is all about the properties of web. Technologies used in web are Hyper Text Markup Language it user IRI – International Resource Identifier and XML – Extension Markup Language for representation of data and it linking. Standard semantic web technologies are.

a.)    RDF – Resource Description Framework.

b.)    OWL – Web Ontology Language.

c.)     SPARQL

Now let us discuss this above stated technologies in detail.


Resource description framework is language used to describe the information present on the web. With the help of the information present in the RDF files web spiders can access the information present in this files.


Ontology is presenting the data or the knowledge as a set of concepts and relation      between them. It is in general used for knowledge representation.


It is a query language used to retrieve information from web.

Apart from this there are also some unrealized web technologies.

a.)    Rule interchange format (RIF)

b.)    Cryptography

c.)     Trust

d.)    User Interface

There are also opportunities available in semantic web and they are to develop semantic based search engines. To develop semantic based web technologies and semantic based web services.

Download  Semantic Web PPT Presentation.

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