Self Healing Robots – Characteristics ECE Seminar Report for Final Year Students

This paper discussed about self-healing or self-modeling robots and its characteristics.  Usually a slight damage makes a robot to stumble and fall but because of this self healing technology, a robot can recover from damage without any human help.


Self-healing robots responds and recover from the damage happened to their own body and also responds to the changes in the surrounding environment. Mostly robots in other planets apart from earth may not have human interaction continuously so the robots developed with this self-healing technology are very much eligible to work in other planets.  Typically robots are programmed artificial agent which works based on commands.

Responding to a failure or damage and recovery from an error are major concerns in robotics. In automatic robotic systems, the most programming effort targeted to error recovery.  Mostly in the case of remote robotics, human cannot repair such robots during error occurred and need to provide compensation for failure or damage so there is a need for an automated error recovery in remote robotics. The starfish robot is an articulated robot which contains a rectangular body with four legs and four sides of robot’s body attached with hinge joints. This four legged starfish robot can synthesizes a predictive model of its own topology via self-directed interaction with its environment, and this model helps to synthesize successful new locomotive behavior after and before damage.  Robots mostly use internal maps and sensory data to update their location.

The internal model of a robot become inaccurate if robot’s own shape and configuration changes.  A robot can sustain consistent performance through continuous and autonomous process of self-modeling.  This technology always helps the robot to continuously diagnose and recover from any damage. This new technology or approach based on multiple competing internal models concept and generate actions to improve disagreement between predictions of these models.  Modeling, testing and prediction are the three algorithmic components of this model which can continuously execute by a physical robot while moving or at rest. 

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